Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dianne Swan Wright : Coming Before Winter: Monticello’s Oral History Project.

Coming before Winter: Monticello’s Oral History Project.

Dianne Swan Wright spoke about the Getting Word Oral History Project. She and Cinder Stanton have travelled over 34,000 miles gathering oral histories of descendants of enslaved families of Monticello

She recounted the story of a women who thanked Cinder and Diane for coming before winter which affirmed for her the importance of gathering these histories while the people still lived.

See also:

A Way Out of No Way : Claiming Family and Freedom in the New South: Dianne Swann-Wright Publisher: University of Virginia Press, 2002

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2002 – Stratford Presentation

Some Personalities:

Peter Fosett

Rev Robert Hughes

Johnnie Young

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