Saturday, October 3, 2009

Symposium 10/3/09

As the days events of the symposium continued, the information from each presenter brought a new and refreshing knowledge base to the topic regarding slavery. Dr. Moitt's account of women and the Caribbean provided an international perspective of the issue of slavery. Dr. Swann-Wright's information and discussion of oral history from Monticello confirmed a previous discussion regarding family traditions. Dr. Sanford's pictorial presentation highlighted images of archaeological digs referencing materials of slaves.

The profound discussions from my fellow seminarians has equipped me to research these and other aspects related to family tradition. My ongoing pursuit within my own family has now been fueled with additional database sites to assist me in discovery. Moreover, the information that I have learned that I plan to present to my school division should excite others to join me at the next symposium. The networking, discussion, and comparisons have been an integral part of this weekend. The anticipation of what's to come and the final days of this symposium are met with excitement as well as disappointment. I am excited to learn more and sit amongst great scholars of the field and yet I am disappointed that the weekend will soon come to an end.

Overall, this weekend has thus far been such a significant time of study and learning. The time here has truly engaged me in the teaching and learning of the issues regarding slavery.


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