Sunday, October 4, 2009

Symposium 10/4/09

The most amazing thing to express today refers to the ending that is just a beginning. As the symposium has come to an end, as the personal tour and guided tour has come to an end, as the participants return to their designated homes and places of employment, one can never say this represents the end, but the beginning of ongoing research.

Having blogged daily regarding the symposium, having extended the learning through internet searches, and having made friendships that will be lasting, this weekend has proved to go beyond one's expectations. This event has now stirred in me the continued desire to gain more information regarding historical people, places, and things. The reality of exploring documented sources and beginning to identify the "un-documented and under-documented" highlights our responsibility to give a voice to the many enslaved.

I express my sincere gratitude to the symposium director and the presenters for an excellent event that has changed my life forever.


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  1. Once again Stratford Hall has provided an amazing experience. The Symposium on Slavery was an intense weekend packed with a variety of subjects relating to America's long period of enslavement.

    As a past participant of the Seminar on Slavery, I was happy to gather additional information to update what I thought was an already wide cadre of knowledge.

    I enjoyed all of the presenters but of course, I must point out that as always, Dr. Phil Schwarz continually astounds me at the depth of knowledge he holds.

    Thank you to the Stratford staff (Ken you are the best!) and the presenters. This was a great way to spend a weekend. It is worth leaving colorful Colorado for a fantastic symposium!